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1st Jul 2023
to 30th Sep 2023

Age Range
All ages

Action Areas

The project is to engage directly with a housing estate in Balbriggan to empower residents to co-design a new community space or structure within the under-utilised shared open spaces in their estate. Islander Architects propose to have an open call to invite residents associations/residents of housing estates to collaborate on developing a vision for a shared space within their estate. 

One estate will be chosen for the workshops & co-design project. Site-specific workshops will be held with the winning housing estate as an opportunity for the participants to re-value shared open spaces as places to cherish within their estate. For the workshops, we want to encourage different age groups to work together on a common goal, to improve their neighbourhoods for the future.  Most existing shared open spaces in estates are not considered for multi-generational use or for an ageing population. Through engaging directly with residents, we can understand what they need and what they lack and perhaps we can educate our younger people to develop an interest in suburban design that will have a positive influence on housing policies in the future. 

This is an opportunity to rethink these spaces to enable safer and healthier ageing in place, while also encouraging younger residents to have an active interest in their environment so that they see themselves as agents of change through witnessing their ideas being implemented in reality.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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