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1st May 2024
to 31st Dec 2024

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Adventures in Creative Conversations

"Adventures in Creative Conversations" is a community-driven art project dedicated
to fostering creativity, connection, and shared storytelling among older adults in Mohill.
Through collaboration, conversation, listening and artistic creation, the project aims to
build a living archive that celebrates the unique experiences and voices of the
Mohill Active Age group and artist Carrie Creamer are working together to co- curate
“Adventures in creative conversations.” The project centres on the process of
research and development, filmed, recorded and noted as an art piece with its own life.
We are focused on creating a ‘breathable’ way of working, drawing on film, sewing,
writing, performance and mixed media.
The project will include research and development over a number of months, followed
by making and creating works. Together, our intention is to not only capture the
essence of our community but also inspires further creativity and connection for years
to come.
Contact Carrie Creamer @ for more information

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