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30th Oct 2023
to 15th Dec 2023

Age Range
5-8 , 9-12 and/or 18+

Castlegar N.S. Sports Hall

H91 F9K6

Afro-Brazilian Dance Workshop

Dara Kelly, an Afro-Brazilian dance facilitator based in Galway, will provide dance workshops to children and their grown ups in the Campêlo Method of Afro-Brazilian dance. 

The workshops will allow the children and adults to grow and express themselves in the areas of:

  • Kinetic awareness: where is my body in space and how do I control it?
  • Coordination: developing motor skills via purposeful movement.
  • Rhythm & timing: listening to music, finding the beat, clapping, stepping, jumping, pausing etc.
  • Exploring directions & levels: moving left & right, in front & behind, up & down, turns.
  • Spatial awareness: using floorspace available & how to leave space for others. 
  • Health: physical fitness, endorphins & stress release for mental health.
  • Cooperation: dancing in a group, working together.
  • Representation: exposure to African diaspora culture.

They will also provide the children with a safe environment to experience community, be creative, relieve stress and enjoy movement.

Parents and adult family members will be involved in rehearsals and a performance session in December in Castlegar.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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