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24th Jun 2023
to 25th Jun 2023

Age Range
All ages

Antechamber of Possibility (Creative Parks)

A temporary bubble of hospitality in a city centre park, inviting people to gather together in unconditional welcome.

Throughout the spring, artist Jennie Moran connected with communities around Red Abbey Square, South Parish, and groups based from Nano Nagle Place including Cork Migrant Centre, The Lantern Project and Cork Centre for Architectural Education. Together they explored ideas of hospitality, imagining how they could invite people to gather, relax and connect; to create a space of welcome in the city.

Hospitality is the crazy system invented by humans, in every corner of the earth, so that strangers could be welcomed into each other’s homes without fear. It is the agreement to hold-back suspicion of the other and embrace opportunities for exchange. The host offers shelter, safety, welcome; the guest brings distraction, adventure, and new ideas. Both are essential. 

Antechamber of Possibility is a celebration of this gorgeous system. It is a place for swopping, sharing, teaching, connecting, learning, growing, laughing, storytelling. We welcome people to come along and be part of this temporary interruption, as guest or host. Taking inspiration from the pot-luck dinner, where each contribution gives a new layer, everyone brings something, and each offering is valued and visible. Together we reimagine an urban public space as an inviting pocket. 

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