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1st Apr 2021
to 31st Aug 2021

Age Range
All ages

Audit of the Extent and Diversity of Cultural Practice among Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in Donegal

The opening recommendation of the Donegal Intercultural Art in Action Research Project Report (Donegal Intercultural Platform, Donegal County Council, 2019. ) states, ‘There is a need to establish the current extent and diversity of arts and cultural practice among the Black and Minority Ethnic communities in the county. This will entail creating an audit and maintaining a register of artistic skills, professional and otherwise, that are prevalent within the communities. It should outline how many people identify as or have particular skills, experience or qualifications in, the visual arts, performing arts, crafts and design, creative writing etc.’ As such Donegal County Council has commissioned Donegal Intercultural Platform to research and complete an audit of cultural practice and engagement among Black and Minority Ethnic communities in the county. This will be of immense value to Donegal Intercultural Platform and to the communities themselves, as well as to  Donegal County Council Culture Division and to the network of arts and cultural institutions and organizations in the county – all of whom are keen to engage with Black and Minority Ethnic artists and to respond, from an informed position, to the needs of their communities.

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