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Balbriggan Community Mural

The Mural

Internationally renowned group of artists Subset will create a mural for a central location in Balbriggan.  The location looks down upon the Bridge where a memorial plaque is located remining the townspeople of the dark times of the Sack of Balbriggan when a large section of the town was burned to the ground by the Black and Tans as a reprisal for an earlier shooting which rendered an RIC officer shot dead and another seriously wounded.  The mural will be installed in September 2020 with cooperation from the building owner.

The Concept by Subset

The concept was worked out by the artists and a working group of representatives from the Town of Balbriggan.  Subsequently, the artists have taken archive photographs of the town taken after the Sack of Balbriggan. These images have been silhouetted and stylised to represent and remember the homes and businesses that were destroyed in the night of the 20th and into the morning of the 21st of September 1920. This historical reference merges with the vision of Balbriggan in 2020, where the respect for the past incites hope for the future the inclusion of the local and unmistakable landmark from the town The Balbriggan Lighthouse symbolises the light coming from what was a very dark day in the history of the town.

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