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10th Jul 2022
to 16th Jul 2022

Age Range
All ages

Ballina National Heritage Day celebration of Costume, Theatre and Performance

Ballina Salmon Festival, the longest running community festival in Ireland, will be happening from 10th-16th July 2022. One of the cornerstones of the festival, National Heritage Day attracts up to 50,00 people into Ballina every year. This year's Heritage Day will be on 13th July.

This project will enable the communities of Ballina to recreate and explore the era in which Ballina was officially founded, 300 years ago, and connect viscerally with the character James O’Hara, Baron of Tyrawley and official founder of the town. It will create an authentic, immersive cultural experience to be part of Ballina’s Heritage Day in 2022, and for many years to come, through the creation of a set of period costumes reflective of the era and particularly one as per the only likeness of Baron Tyrawley that has been identified.

Ballina Costume Company will work with a local group of interested seamstresses to design and create the costumes through a series of open workshops. They will research, design and source material that will provide a key insight into the heritage of Ballina and the culture of 300 years ago.

Ballina Men’s Shed will also create a set upon which an enactment will take place on Heritage Day featuring performers in the created costumes and a specially crafted table and chairs, reflective of the era. 

A local drama group will create and direct a short enactment to provide viewers with an authentic, heritage-focused experience of Ballina 300 years ago.

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