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1st Jun 2024
to 30th Sep 2024

Age Range
5-8 and/or 9-12

Banada Development Centre

Communal Centre
No. 8 Corpus Christi Village

Banada's Biodiversity

This project, with a working title of ‘Banada’s Biodiversity!’, will invite young people (age range 5-11 years old) from the local area to engage with local eco-artist, Sarah Ellen Lundy, across a series of six interactive outdoor workshops in the Banada Peace Park and woodland amenity area, over the months of May, June and July, with two workshops each month- one focusing on native flora and the other on fauna.  Ms. Lundy will guide the group through plant identification hunts, followed by plant-pressing and a plethora of creative activities.  Each participant will build up a personal herbarium of pressed plants, over the run of the project, for them to keep, for posterity. They will see what comes into bloom each month and learn about the plants' properties and folklore surrounding them.  In the second workshop of each month, we will focus on our native wildlife.  Using the covered areas in the woodland amenity, we will be introduced to the creatures in our area that, as the name suggests, are ‘wild’ and as such, ever-fleeting and hidden to us. Generally, however, through taxidermy specimens, we can see and touch, such as the mallard on the river beside us, the fox, red squirrels, the heron, pheasant, long-eared owl and field mouse, amongst others, learning about their habitats in such woodland, as we are in for our workshops. We will work through creative activities across media, such as charcoal and clay. 

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