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29th Aug 2022
to 31st Oct 2022

Age Range
All ages

Becoming - Galway City Street Art Development Project

‘Becoming’ Galway City Street Art Project -  is a developmental project that came about as a direct response to communities and street artists ambition to activate public spaces across the city centre, east and west. The primary aim and ambition is to develop the roll out of a suitabible and consolidated street art programme in partnership with the various sections within Galway City Council and the various communities across the city. Galway City Council Arts Office and the various sections from the Arts Office, Community, Parks, Environment and Planning will work in partnership to develop a cohesive implementation plan.

The title is taken from Cultural Georgrapher Doreen Massey’s idea of place, that it’s in a constant state of “becoming.” Once the development phase is complete we see future potential in the delivery of large scale public art commissions. Engagement with communities and students via community and educational outreach workshops and artistic exchanges and collaborations focused on connecting diverse people and communities. The Arts Office and partners will consult and engage with The Walls Project in Waterford and Ardú Cork on key learnings, approach and experiences delivering large scale public artworks and outreach projects in street art. Working with local authorities in securing locations, permissions, MOU protocol etc. Outset will identify suitable walls and surfaces (in terms of creativity, engagement and access) across the city.

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