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11th Apr 2024
to 26th May 2024

Age Range
All ages

KIlkenny County Council

Biodiversity office
Patrick’s Court,
R95 N28F

Biodiversity Week, A Display of Nature Art Assets Biodiversity Week, A Display of Nature Art Assets

Biodiversity Week 2024: “Leave the Long Grass Grow”

Discover the Art of Nature with Creative Ireland’s acclaimed project, “Leave the Long Grass Grow.” In 2023, this initiative blossomed, bringing forth a collection of art pieces crafted by professional local artists and enthusiastic workshop participants. Alongside these visual expressions, a melody was born—a song composed to resonate with the heartbeats of our community.

Art in the Urban Canvas

This Biodiversity Week, we’re taking art to the streets—literally. Watch as the city transforms into a gallery with:

  • Public Banners: Majestic art pieces reimagined as banners, adorning the city’s lamp posts, fluttering high for all to see.
  • Postcard Stories: These art pieces shrink to the palm of your hand, becoming postcards scattered across public spaces, each telling a tale of biodiversity’s vital role in our lives.

A Symphony for the Senses

Tune into local radio as we air a professionally recorded song, a harmonious tribute to biodiversity. Accompanying the melody, an interview with the composer unveils the profound lyrics, echoing the urgency of the biodiversity crisis.

Join us in celebrating the symbiotic beauty of art and nature. Let’s nurture awareness, foster appreciation, and inspire action for the environment that sustains us all.

Art display and drop in workshop will be advertised as part of Biodiversity Week (18th-26th of May).  

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