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Black Pigs Dyke Project

15th Jul 2019
to 30th Aug 2019

Age Range
All ages

Market House, Monaghan

Market Street

Siobhan McDonald, artist commenced work on a piece to provoke new responses to the reports and site of the Iron Age earthwork – the BPD or the Worm Ditch or Ollpheist. Drawings of the monument have previously been commissioned by Monaghan Heritage Officer to produce an archaeological reconstruction illustration. This initiative is different, and is for this artist to engage creatively with the folklore, the research and the science of the monument to create an undetermined work, free from constraint.

Siobhan will explore direct links to Bronze Age sites internationally and develop and employ experimental processes and field work into the making of the final artwork. She will explore the possibility of sounds graphs; astronomical diagrams and space photography to represent processes of the earth across the border thus combining art and science to creating a permanent artistic record.

Installation will be located at the Market House, Monaghan with related events such as Artist’s Talk in conversation with Geologists, historians, archaeologists.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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