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2nd Mar 2020
to 30th Jun 2020

Age Range
All ages

Carlow College, St. Patricks

Carlow College, St. Patricks
College St

BLUE: Large scale community engagement production by Carlow Arts Festival with SPRAOI as lead artists who will create a new story and format of exploration and celebration. Presented as the festivals Saturday night spectacle it will look at climate change issues through the lens of discovering why the sky is blue. Including live music, choirs, young percussionists, dance and spectacle.
At the core of "BLUE" is collaboration and connection, as we invite members of the rich variety of cultural communities in Carlow to partake in the making and realisation of this ambitious project.
The idea for this production is a collaborative response to the big question of climate change and is underpinned by the Tyndall effect, John Tyndall being a native of Carlow. The Tyndall effect was written by John Tyndall in 1958, it is the scattering of light as it passes through a colloid, and this project will shine a light on some of the important topics of our times and encourage the people of Carlow to creatively think about our history, heritage, culture, natural and built environment.
This project seeks to give recognition to the evolving culture of Carlow, bringing community groups together, giving a cohesive voice to a new creative culture for a new generation of Carlow people, so that very community is proud of their place in County Carlow.

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