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8th Nov 2021
to 17th Nov 2021

Age Range
All ages

Bordering Realities - A Creative Response to Partition : A collaboration between the Creative Ireland Teams in Cavan and Monaghan

Creative Cavan and Monaghan are planning a multi-disciplinary project to engage young people through music, drama, and dance to respond creatively to partition and the reality of life along a border. A curator-in-residence, in partnership with creative practitioners, will research and devise a programme to connect young people to this period in Irish history and develop a production to be held in 2023 across the two counties. 
This project will provide an opportunity for young people to come together, learn and share their learning through creative endeavours, empowering them in new skills. The young people will have the opportunity to work with different artists and genres to learn real-life experiences. The project harnesses the voice of the young person in all stages of development. Creative Cavan and Monaghan aim to work with the youth theatres of both counties but also with Youthreach, youth clubs, to engage young people in the arts. 
Following the research and development of the project, Cavan and Monaghan County Councils will promote this legacy event in 2023 to young people through social media and website channels.

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