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5th Sep 2022
to 30th Nov 2022

Age Range
All ages

Bordering Realities: Artefacts relating to the past project

This is a fundamental element of our overarching aim to bring the collection of the museum to the entire community we serve. We will work with a number of object conservators to ensure that each object we intend to display will not only be at the highest level of conservation care but also displayed in a way that will be engaging and accessible to all visitors. This will enable us to complete this element of the project by procuring professional conservators to bring many of our objects in storage out and accessible to all. A community engagement programme will be facilitated allowing the public to engage with the objects through various workshops and talks.  

We plan to create a physical trail from the current museum building through the town to the new site at the Peace Campus. This trail will be based on the idea of the Meridian line at Greenwich in that it will be physically marked out on the street using images of artefacts from the collections as way finders. This will be supplemented with artistic signage based again on the collection along the route to help highlight the fact that we are relocating. We will also be running a competition with local schools to create a work of art based on the artefacts to be displayed, which will be exhibited in and around the new building when it opens next year.

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