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24th Jun 2021
to 24th Nov 2021

Age Range
All ages

Bordering Realities - Digital Animation project

As part of Monaghan County Museum Decade of Centenaries programme, we will be working with a digital film company to produce several short-animated films aimed at an older audience which will explore and investigate several themes relating to Bordering Realities on the island of Ireland.

The first phase of the project in 2021, will involve scoping of potential themes of the films. We will be procuring a suitable digital animation film company to work with us and begin script and animation development.

The project will be cross county and cross border. We will be working with Donegal County Museum, The Tower Museum, Derry, Fermanagh County Museum, Armagh County Museum and the Ulster Scots Agency.

This project will continue until 2023. 

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