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'Born and Bread'

1st Aug 2019
to 1st Oct 2019

Age Range
All ages

Artlink Fort Dunree

Fort Dunree
F93 C424

This will be a participatory event which engages directly with 50+/- participants including artists, musicians and crafts-persons and will connect with people from the refugee and migrant community to empower sharing and expression of cultural identity for those living in Donegal, “The Fort of The Foreigners”. This project, ("Born and Bread") with the guidance and advice of Donegal Intercultural Platform, will bring together families and indiviuals from a diverse range of cultural background to share skills, stories and food. In a one day participatory event food will be harvested from the garden and brought from our homes, prepared and cooked on site and eaten together as we share stories and traditions of hospitality and bread making. Sited at The Potting Shed, this event follows on and develops from the success of “The Gathering” event staged during the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. “The Gathering” presented an insight into, and an opportunity for the public to engage with, a breadth and wealth of local knowledge in areas of food history, heritage and tradition. The Potting Shed, an original installation by renowned Irish artist Christine Mackey, is now the centre for the activities of ‘Amach Anseo’ who have been working over the past two years to develop a community garden to grow indigenous vegetables and plants in an entirely natural way, and to provide an educational resource for the wider community.

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