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1st May 2023
to 1st Nov 2023

Age Range
13-18 and/or All ages

Borris Lace in school and community project

Bringing a Borris Lace project into the primary and secondary schools will form new connections between children in the community, their families, school staff, the Borris Lacemakers, Borris House itself and the Kavanagh family and local artist Jules Michael. The project will reach out to young people to enact and champion the creative role of Borris Lace in its Carlow community. The Borris Lacemakers are committed to celebrating and nurturing this unique and historical traditional craft that is special to Carlow. Jules has a particular interest in highlighting biodiversity support, and works with hedgerow plants and peatlands conservation as part of her practice. Part of the creative output for this project will be highlighting links between nature in the original lace designs and cherishing Carlow’s natural environment. This project will build on previous working relationships developed between Borris Lacemakers and diverse groups in its surrounding community.
This project will also include the design and production of "Borris Lace" starter packs developed by artist Ally Nolan to encourage community members learn about this indigenous craft and keep the tradition alive and vibrant for future generations.

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