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23rd Mar 2023
to 19th Oct 2023

Age Range

Bray Library Afterschool Comic Club

Bray Library Afterschool Comic Club is a weekly event for children with Dyslexia (diagnosed or suspected) aged 9-12. The project has been developed in response to findings from Dyslexia Association of Ireland research that parents of children with Dyslexia have identified as a priority - the need for self-esteem developing activities. The initial pilot of the project ran in 2022 with funding from the Dormant Accounts Committee, and they received highly positive feedback from the schools involved. This next phase of the project intends to maintain the space for the initial participants, while gradually tapering off the need for adult guidance. The aim of the project is to encourage a regular creative practice of self-expression among the group, as well as to develop a community of peers with shared experience of neurodivergence.

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