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23rd Jun 2023
to 9th Sep 2023

Age Range

Breaking Bread

A series of six short films focusing on each of their traditional national meals in collaboration with families from various nationalities. The films' goal will be to introduce viewers to culture, specifically the traditional cooking of the various nations featured. Families from Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America have settled in Doughiska, on the outskirts of Galway. They may have brought only their memories and a cooking tradition with them.

For each film, we will accompany a family as they shop for the meal , preferably at their favourite ethnic shop. They will discuss the various food items that they regularly buy and provide insights into the history of the various products, both in the history of their country and within their own family story.

We will film the family as they prepare and cook the food when we get home from the store, observing how different members contribute to the process. We will ask them to think about how their mothers and fathers helped them with meal preparation when they were kids.

Finally, we film the family, along with two members of the production team, as they sit down to eat together. We will encourage them to share stories about family meals from their home country.

We plan to include favourite pieces of music that they would have heard growing up in their home country in the film's soundtrack. We would also ask for permission to use photographs and images of their home.

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