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12th Jan 2023
to 31st May 2023

Age Range
5-8 , 9-12 and/or 13-18

Bringing Smiles to Seabury

The Malahide Girl Guides are taking part in a Nationwide competition called the Take Action project. This project asks young people to make a positive difference in their community. The Girls chose to revamp the Fairy Garden in Seabury Park.  Seabury Tidy District made 16 wooden house shapes for the girl guides and they got to work. 

They came up with a fabulous back story about Rayfi, young girl who lived in Seabury many years ago. Her name is of course an anagram of Fairy. In those times, there were hundreds of fairies living in Seabury but unfortunately many moved away because of building/pollution/ litter. Eventually the Queen Fairy, Ester, helped Rayfi to make houses for the 16 remaining fairies, where they would be safe. She also made sure the park was clean and tidy. Today, the young people of Seabury can continue Rayfi's work. The girls gave each fairy a name and a personality and they painted the most amazing houses.  

Malahide Girl Guides are now working with Tidy Towns to display these fairy doors. And to put up a bench and a sign informing the local people about the history of the Seabury fairies and the importance of keeping the area clean. This project would focus on bringing happiness and wellbeing to the community with strong links to the environment in collaboration with Tidy Towns.

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