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5th Oct 2023
to 29th Mar 2024

Age Range
All ages

Ballyloughane Beach


Buaile Bó Ballyloughane

Galway City Council are embarking on a very exciting biodiversity pilot project in Ballyloughane Beach, Renmore. 

We are working with a local farmer and the local community to bring eight Dexter cows to graze the headland east of Ballyloughane Beach over the winter and spring months as part of the Buaile Bó Ballyloughane pilot project (‘buaile’ is a cattle enclosure, sometimes referred to as a ‘booley’).

Dexter Cattle are a small heritage breed that, because of their size, are not severe on land and are used for conservation grazing. The animals will graze the paddocks over winter and early spring, helping to cut down on grass waste which currently ends up in landfill, and reducing the nutrient richness of the grassland to encourage native wildflower meadow species. Biodiversity within the paddocks will be recorded to assess the effectiveness of the project in establishing a wildflower meadow.

Buaile Bó Ballyloughane creatively engages ten different schools and community groups through an Ambassador Programme that encourages locals to take ownership of the project through artwork, poems, songs, and the creation of amoosing cow puns! Ambassadors will help to create signage, posters and communication materials, as well as a short film about the project. These creative responses will also raise wider awareness of sustainable urban agriculture practices, and the importance of nature-based solutions as part of climate adaptation goals.

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