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6th Jun 2023
to 15th Oct 2023

Age Range

By the Sea

By the Sea’ art and craft workshops will shine a spotlight on the beautiful beaches on our doorstep and encourage young people in Waterford to connect with their local landscape and explore with them creatively why it’s wonderful to live in Waterford!

The project ‘By the Sea’ sets out to creatively engage each young participant to create their own piece of art, teaching them new skills and techniques, using materials sustainably sourced from the coastline of Waterford. Each participant will also work collaboratively on large art pieces, some of which may be shared with the wider Waterford community at local arts centres to further spread an appreciation for the coast.

Funded by Creative Ireland and in collaboration with Waterford Gallery of Art & Garter Lane Arts Centre ‘By the Sea’ has been developed by local Waterford artists and makers Jennie O Neill and Jo McCluskey working collectively as SE Craft Studios.

With this series, SE Craft Studios aim to inspire collaborative, creative and socially engaged art to celebrate and explore Waterford heritage crafts and natural landscape, enjoyed by all, whether from here or new to here.

The 'By the Sea' art and craft workshops will be run with local Waterford primary schools.

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