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8th Sep 2019

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Glin Castle

Glin Demense

Cailin Ban Commemoration

Glin has a very strong connection with the murder of sixteen year old Ellen Hanley which happened in July 1819 . While on her 'honeymoon' with John Scanlon, she stayed in Glin. Scanlon, and a local Glin man named Stephen Sullivan, servant to Scanlon, were both found guilty of the murder which happened on the Shannon Estuary, east of Glin. The Knight of Glin, John Fraunceis Fitzgerald, who was the local magistrate at the time, presided over the inquest when the body of the Cailin Ban was washed up at Moneypoint, on the Clare side of the river. Many local witnesses from Glin have evidence at the trial of Scanlon and Sullivan and the two accused were subsequently hung at Gallows Green in Limerick.

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