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CAPALL: A Community Film Project

29th Feb 2020
to 28th Feb 2021

Age Range
All ages

Rathanna Community Hall

Rathanna Community Hall

Folklore of Carlow - CAPALL: A Community Film Project that will preserve and re-tell an ancient Carlow tale. Collaborating with the communities of South Carlow it’s a new ambitious project intended to inspire the imagination, a story from the past galloping into the future.
This project will preserve and re-tell an ancient Carlow Tale. Collaborating with communities from the South of County Carlow but also reaching out to neighbouring communities. The project will re-tell and re-imagine the local legend of Cathair na gCapall - a legendary figure who inhabited the Blackstairs Mountains, a highwayman of the 1700's famed for his outlaw lifestyle. Born into a wealthy family, his fame as a horseman and for horse-theft earned him his name which translates as Cathair or Charles of the Horses.
"CAPALL" will  collaborate with the local community, local drama groups and historians to gather stories and retell these tales. The project will culminate with the film being screened in Rathanna community hall in South of County Carlow. The legacy of this film production will be ongoing and lasting.

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