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1st Jul 2023
to 1st Nov 2023

Age Range

Care concerts

The concerts will take place in 5 different settings in each county and will include 4 visits in total per setting over the duration of the project, for a total of 20 concerts

The concerts are a highly active and inclusive experience, which involve participation from both members of staff and the residents/ service users alike. Through singing, dancing and conversation with our audience, the concerts allow the audience to use memory recall, improve all round physical well-being and support improvement in psychological and emotional well being.

The concerts take place in a group setting and allow the whole community within the nursing home/ hospital to gather in a communal setting and to participate in a group activity. We have often witnessed even the most socially isolated members of such communities hold hands, sing together and enjoy the experience of group participation.

The Care Concerts have set a precedent by brining well known Irish celebrities to perform in healthcare settings. By working with the homes in advance, we liaise about song choices that the residents may request in advance. The homes often develop other crafts and art projects in tandem with our visits, such as creating paintings/murals and writing or telling stories connected to the music and the concert.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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