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1st Oct 2021
to 31st Dec 2021

Age Range
All ages

Carlow County Museum Object Conservation Project

The Museum has identified a number of significant objects including the famous 19th century hand carved pulpit from Carlow Cathedral, included in the book ‘A History of Ireland in 100 Objects’ by Fintan O’Toole; the wooden smoking pipe of Carlovian, Captain Myles Keogh, who was killed at the infamous Battle of Little Big Horn; a thirteen foot set of the great Irish Elk skull and antlers; a 19th century settle bed and original sugan chair; the large leather bellows from a Co. Carlow forge; the large ‘billboard’ of the Grand Canal Rules that was displayed in Carlow Town; A stained glass panel of the county coat of arms attributed to Catherine O’Brien; to be accessed and to be conserved.

In some cases, these items will be displayed for the first time in nearly twenty years. These items, amongst others, will have a unique story to tell as they relate specifically to Co. Carlow and how its people interacted and saw the world at home and abroad.

These items will also be part of a workshop and interactive talks by some of the conservators to explain that although these items working life is behind them, they have a new role now in explaining our history and that the craftsmanship can be preserved for us all to enjoy and ponder on. Workshop information and booking details will be available through the museum's Facebook page and website

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