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4th Jul 2022
to 18th Nov 2022

Age Range

Carrowbeg Artists Group at Custom House Studios

The aim of this project is to provide an opportunity to six artists from Carrowbeg Group, Westport, to work in a structured way guided under artists Breda Burns and Caroline Masterson. The group will learn to develop their own images and methodology and to complete and exhibit a group project. 

The group will meet at the Custom House Studios for 3 hours per week work for 3. 5 months. The project will focus on taking the drawings, printmaking, paintings, imagery of each individual participant and engaging with them to move their imagery to a new medium.

Participants will use their own imagery as a starting point – and using different techniques - engage with a new practice, process and evolve their work into a new and different medium. Each participant will be facilitated to develop an individual process, method and approach to developing works in the new mediums. The finished pieces will reflect and be informed by the individualised imagery of each of the participants.

The advantage of this approach is it allows each participant to develop a routine and to fully engage with a detailed, complex, stepped process – based entirely on their own imagery, and to work through this complex process to finish with a completely new unique piece of work.

Works will be exhibited at end of project at Custom House Studios.

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