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4th Feb 2023

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All ages

Kildare Town

Carrying Her Flame’ procession of Light and Fire event by Luxe Landscape Theatre

Landscape Theatre Company LUXE, Brigid 1500 and Kildare County Council are hosting a fire and light show in Kildare Town on Saturday 4th February 2023 at 6pm as part of the Brigid 1500 celebrations.

This event will present a feast of lanterns, procession and fire performance to kindle Brigid’s flame, light up Kildare town and mark the changing seasons. The event will last approximately 1 hour. The procession will weave its way through the Market Square and will finish in the park in Kildare town with a fire and light spectacle.

The event has been promoted as part of the Brigid 1500 event guide and has been advertised on KFM radio, on Brigid 1500 website and social media platforms and there are plans to promote in local press. This event will engage with the local community with young people from Comhairle na Nóg taking part in the procession. LUXE have made trailblazing Landscape Spectacles across Ireland and Internationally for 14 years and more. They present processional work ranging from intimate voyages, to large scale illuminated spectacle, bringing fire to places where the land, sea and sky meet. Working outdoors, often with community, LUXE draw on a dedicated group of international performers, musicians and artists to bring alive their visual world. LUXE’s amazing performers will spread light and fire around the square amongst the massed crowd and the public will be encouraged to join in with their own lanterns to walk to a fiery finale

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