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15th Sep 2022
to 18th Sep 2022

Age Range
All ages

Cashel Arts Festival

Cashel Arts Festival 15th - 18th September 2022.


The rich cultural history of Cashel and its hinterland is depicted through the sculpting of life-sized and miniature figures from early Christian times until the recent past. Monks and their abbeys, Brothers, Nuns, both teaching and nursing provide the resource for this insight into a living past.

The sculptures will be a visual focal point in heritage sites on an art-trail around the town during Cashel Arts Festival. They will serve to highlight the original purpose and use of the historic buildings for which the areal is renowned. This is a free event.

The Living Past is a hands-on outreach programme.  Five Primary schools, Secondary School, and six Community organisations are undertaking the project. The life-sized and miniature sculptures are formed using materials that are mainly natural and recyclable. Informed discussion on the vocation, purpose and routines of the orders and reflection on their presence, influence and service to the wider community will bring a sense of realism to the models formed. Philip Quinn & Elke Wilson are the professionals conducting the workshops.  Historical research is provided by Maura Barrett of Tipperary Library Services.

During the festival a demonstration of the techniques used will also be crafted for members of the public with their input under the guidance of sculptor, Philip Quinn.

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