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1st Jan 2020
to 31st Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

CD - 'Where Old Ghosts Meet'

This year, above all others, is one in which we need to connect with our Irish diaspora throughout the world. Many cannot return to visit loved ones or spend time in the company of friends. It is reminiscent of all those who emigrated over the centuries due to plantation, famine or evictions. We must, however, be grateful that this 2020 pandemic will pass, loved ones will soon return to the warm embrace of family.

The genesis of this CD was a conversation we had about songs from the past which were sung by our parents and grandparents. Songs that have always had a special place in our hearts. It was due to the 'cuairds' we were on as children when we visited kind neighbour's homes. Whilst there, we would be expected to perform the songs of yore and were encouraged by the applause we received.

We realise the importance of preserving these songs, which are a chronicle of this country’s often troubled and complex history, for the present generation. Being mindful of the social, cultural and historical import of each song, we created a musical collage representing the rich tapestry that is Ireland’s heritage.

This CD will comprise of 12 pieces, nine songs by us – sisters Siobhán and Marie O’Sullivan - and three sets of tunes with Mark Donnellan on fiddle, the Tulla Céilií Band, John Canny on accordion and Michael Landers on guitar. A launch is planned for Pepper's in Feakle, Co Clare at a later date.

The CD image is courtesy of Liam McNamara.

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