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Children of Lir Project Project

3rd Apr 2019
to 31st Oct 2019

Age Range
All ages

Garage Theatre

H18 XE98

Children of Lir Project

A collaboration of professional artists working with young people to fundamentally allow artistic freedom and develop artistic expression to create a unified story-telling effect through physical theatre and music.

The production is the Children of Lir, a well-known Irish mythology yet untouched beyond the story-telling through books, poems, Irish dance and the odd inspired song. The story provides a wealth of possibilities to practice the performing arts such as theatre, movement/dance and music/voice to reignite an ancient tale and encourage our future talent.

We recognise the process within the performance itself, however, it is the developments throughout the rehearsal period that is most significant and stimulating. It is within the rehearsal; the performer has the opportunity to be collectively and creatively responsible for the production. Throughout the process, the performer will learn how to be the story teller, the character, the instrument and the story itself.

Our objective is to provide artistic freedom, explore the techniques of the most collaborative and individualistic styles of theatre, dance and music; to achieve the ultimate ensemble cast yet nurture the distinct artist. A series of workshops will take place in the Garage Theatre during 2019 in partnership with Local Arts in Education Partnership Coordinator.

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