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18th Jun 2021
to 2nd Jul 2021

Age Range
All ages

Child's Play

Na Cailleacha is a collective of 8 women creatives ranging in age from 64–83, who focus on issues related to ageing,health, mortality, creativity, visibility and feminism.They intend to deliver a project, ‘Child’s Play’ in partnership with Ballinglen Art Foundation in the BAF Museum Ballycastle,in Co. Mayo in 2021.

Na Cailleacha want to draw public attention to the importance of play as an aspect of identity, as a means of testing our place in the world, as a free, imaginative process and as a way of connecting to our peers and society in general.

Through its emphasis on imagination, social interaction and a very traditional art form, doll-making they will achieve this. Na Cailleacha will work collectively in the making of 8 life-size dolls. They will live and work together in the BAF for two weeks in the realisation of this project.

In line with their emphasis on play and identity, Na Cailleacha looked to another collective, the Guerilla Girls, who famously pursue their subversive activities as masked female warriors, disguised in guerrilla masks.

With their support Na Cailleacha have been working on a ‘Cailleach’ version of the Guerilla Girls’ 1980s poster ‘The Advantages of Being a Woman artist’. They will work with local designers and printers to realise cover graphic design and production.

All events will take place at Ballinglen Art Foundation, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo.

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