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Collaborative Mixed Media Art Installation

10th Sep 2020
to 13th Sep 2020

Age Range
All ages

Cleeves Factory Limerick City


The project is a real-time mixed media art installation. The analog/digital installation will bring together multi-disciplinary artists from Limerick to fuse kinetics, light, sound, music and human interaction.

The aim is to create an interactive/real-time mixed media art installation. The art installation would be an intricate design blending light and projection, sound, kinetics and human interaction. All these elements fuse together harmoniously in real-time in a space.

The installation was be part of the Limerick Electronic Arts Festival (LEAF) in the old Cleeves factory in Limerick in September but has been re-imagined to a virtual experience. The piece can be interactive , allowing them to manipulate the sound and visual in real-time and ultimately the space itself. The installation would be non-linear installation leaving the audience free to explore the piece how they choose. 

The project aims to transform the space it inhabits with a fresh and exciting interpretation. It would be done in a way that showcases the new, reimagined Limerick. The Limerick that has talent, innovation and creativity at it's core.

The project brings together collaborators of specific expertise who are brought together through common interest as well as common place.

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