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Collective Producers

9th Sep 2019
to 31st Dec 2019

Age Range
13 - 17

 The project is designed to develop skills which connect participants to their place and community. It opens access to contemporary culture for young people and by extension their families. The title of the project is Collective Producers. It is a new initiative to support engagement with young people and schools. This exciting project proposes to provide a deeper firmer opportunity for a core group of young people at secondary level to connect with The Docks educational and visual arts programme.

The intention is to develop a wider understanding of visual culture through a variety of skills such as design, photography, graphic design, print, drawing and 3d modelling. The aim is to em- power young people (14-19) to develop skills and gain experience in visual arts, culture and new creative ideas. This project involves guidance and hands-on practical experience for young people from regional schools. The project will be led by Dock staff, artists and other professionals who are all highly skilled in education. The group will also gain skills in the curatorial and technical aspects needed for exhibition making, hosting events and will offer them the opportunity to create their own portfolios of work and through their work become ambassadors for the arts in their school.

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