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1st Oct 2023
to 31st Oct 2023

Age Range

Carlow Central Library

Tullow Street

Come and Play at Carlow Library "Lunch Time at the Library"

Through partnership, Music Generation Carlow and Carlow County Library intend to play a leadership role in building strong musical communities by providing early childhood music education through the Orff Schulwerk method and offering introductory, free music tuition workshops. The Orff Schulwerk method emphasizes active music-making, creativity, and cultural integration. By combining their resources, expertise, and shared commitment to promoting cultural participation, Music Generation Carlow and Carlow County Library aim to create a new and necessary platform for community engagement by offering high quality music workshops. MGC and Carlow County Council will work together to provide opportunities for individuals for 0–6-year-olds to engage in enriching musical experiences, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment. The partnership also ensures that these opportunities are accessible to all, with the offering of free music tuition workshops that remove financial barriers and promote inclusivity. This collaborative approach empowers individuals to connect with their cultural heritage, express their creativity, and develop essential skills. By leveraging the strengths of both organisations, Music Generation Carlow and Carlow County Library aim to create a vibrant musical ecosystem that fosters a sense of belonging, resilience, and community well-being

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