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13th Nov 2019
to 19th Nov 2019

Age Range
All ages


Conal Creedon USA tour

Conal Creedon will travel to New York in November to promote his new play, screen his documentary The Burning of Cork, and do a reading from his work. 

THE CURE - will have a showcase production run in New York during November [3rd - 20th Nov] with a view to attracting the interest of main stream New York based theatre producers and securing a full-scale production run in the near future.

The reading & documentary presentations will be non-fee paying, free to public, showcase events.

These events will serve to give wider attention to the Burning of Cork, the 100 year anniversary of which we celebrate in 2020. 

It wil also bring Conal Creedon's work to a wider audience, enhancing the  Global Reputation of Cork City, and Ireland. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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