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1st Jul 2022
to 30th Sep 2022

Age Range
18+ and/or All ages

Concert Honouring the Irish Soldiers of Mexico

Concert Honouring the Irish Soldiers of Mexico is a free concert to celebrate the ties between Irish and Mexican culture and the similarities we share as societies. Increase the visibility of the migrant community in Limerick through music and dance, and to give back to the City that has welcomed and given us a sense of Belonging.

The St. Patrick’s Battalion, better known as the unit of the Mexican Army that was composed mainly of Irish Catholic immigrants who deserted the U.S. Army and fled to Mexico during the Mexican-American War, is perhaps one of the best well known ties between Ireland and Mexico. 

Irish and Mexican people alike share some historical struggles that make us empathize with each other. We also are cultures that value our heritage, our language, our folklore and our people. We might not share the same languages, but we speak music and dance (ceol agus rince). Both tell the stories of our ancestors through myths and legends that explain our worldviews and pass them to the younger generations so we can keep alive our strong identities. We romanticize faraway lands but we never forget where we came from, and we’re always happy to identify ourselves in the eyes of a compatriot in a foreign land.

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