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Conradh Na Gaeilge Comórtais 2019

In association with Conradh Na Gaeilge, Creative Ireland Kerry sponsored their 2019 Music Video Competition. Applicants were asked to put together a music video as Gaeilge using an original composition or putting new lyrics as Gaeilge to a well-known song.

This creative competition is a project the whole school could get behind. Conradh na Gaeilge advised applicants to get as many people involved as possible - every student, class, teacher and parent available! Advice with regard to previous types of projects that were awarded were given. This advice included watching sample videos, arranging a brainstorming session to choose a song (a well-known song and create new lyrics as Gaeilge to go with it or create an original song); taking a vote on the best ideas; putting together a document with everyone’s role in the video. The process of selection began in April 2019. Faha National School were selected as the winners of the music video competition. 


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