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1st Apr 2020
to 30th Oct 2020

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Conservation of Kilmanman Church, Phase II

Kilmanman Medieval Church outside Clonaslee Co Laois marks the site of an early Christian monastic community. The current church dates to the late Medieval period (15th Century) and has been impacted in recent years by the effects of climate change, with wetter weather meaning that water has washed mortar from the walls, and the effects of freeze-thaw action on the water-logged stone causing shattering and collapse.

The conservation of Kilmanman Church promotes awareness and appreciation of the county’s rich pre-historic and built history and local people in Clonaslee are very committed to protecting this place, which they recognize as the origin of their community and vital to their identity and sense of place.

In partnership with Clonaslee Development Association, Phase 2 of the conservation work continues with further repairs to the fragile East and West gables. A project to conserve the masonry ruins commenced in 2019 with a traditional stone mason repairing two areas of the walls where stonework had collapsed using a traditional hot lime mortar method to match the technique that would have been used when the church was first built.

On site the work will be supervised by an archaeologist to ensure the fragile remains are protected. The results of this year's work will be presented to the public at the end of year Heritage Matters Seminar in November 2020.

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