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Conservation of Kilmanman Medieval Church

Kilmanman Church and graveyard are located about 2 km North of Clonaslee in the Slieve Bloom Mountains. The site contains several clues to its early Christian past, including a curved monastic enclosure and a holy well. According to local tradition, St Manman founded a church here in the seventh century. The church currently on the site was the centre of a large late medieval parish and dates to the late 16th Century. The church & adjacent nineteenth century vault of the Dunne family are in a poor state of repair. Like many medieval ruins, they have suffered significant deterioration in recent extreme weather and there is now a danger that parts of the church will collapse if action is not taken.

We propose to work with the local community, an archaeologist & conservation engineer to devise & implement a plan for urgent conservation work at Kilmanman. Working co-operatively to save the place that they love, the community of Kilmanman and Clonaslee will build on their love for the place and develop a greater connection with their local heritage. There is a dynamic local committee already in place, made up of heritage enthusiasts, neighbouring landowners and the local Parish Priest. An annual eccumenical service is celebrated on the site every year & the annual pattern day for St Manman is August 5th.

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