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1st May 2023
to 31st Dec 2023

Age Range

Coracles on the Canal

Coracles on the Canal is a collaboration between visual Artist Andi McGarry, a prolific builder of project boats and participants from the senior citizens housing association and the wider community of Rathangan and Duncormick.

A flotilla of Coracles will be built on site at the McCall’s Community Centre, tested and then introduced to the local Bridgetown canal for exploration. Willow trees growing on site will be used in the creation of the coracles. The project will feature team building, woodworking, craft, boat handling, ecology, and adventure. Once complete the coracles will undertake a series of tests and there be boat handling tuition for the participants.

The flotilla of Coracles will then sail on a local watercourse nearby that is a forgotten canal that links all the surrounding villages from Bridgetown to Baldwins town to Rathangan before entering the Lough Har estuary at Duncormick

Coracles on the Canal will be documented, and a film will be produced which will form part of a second community event in the form of a sharing.

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