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Cork Lord Mayors 1920 Who Were They?

Who were Cork Lord Mayors in 1920?

This is the 100th year of annual school visits by the Lord Mayor of Cork, a tradition that dates back to Terence McSwiney’s mayoralty in the 1920s .  For 22 of the 119 schools to be visited this Autumn,  this will  be the first occasion that they will receive a visit from a Lord Mayor as these schools just became part of the city this year following the expansion of Cork City on May 31.

To mark the centenary of the visits, the Lord Mayor will present  each of the 119 schools with a framed picture containing photographs of the two martyred Lord Mayors of Cork, Tomás Mc Curtain who was murdered by British forces in March 1920 and Terence McSwiney who died on hunger strike in Brixton Prison the following October.  The Lord Mayor will explain the signficance of these figures in Ireland's struggle for independence, and their influence in the wider world with other struggles for independence across the twentieth century.

This programme is designed to highlight the importance of these figures in Cork and the wider world in advance of the 2020 commemorations as part of the decade of centenaries. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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