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1st Jun 2022
to 30th Sep 2022

Age Range
All ages

Crafting The Story with Pamela Finn

There are significant challenges to the survival of traditional forms of craftsmanship today. Mass production, whether on the level of large multinational corporations or local cottage industries, can often supply goods needed for daily life at a lower cost, both in terms of currency and time, than hand production.

The second in this successful series; Crafting The Story is a five episode video-cast and podcast documentary series presented by Pam Finn.It will be a celebration of craftspeople in the Clare region, who are preserving traditional crafts and recreating their work for the modern world in innovative ways.

Pam will meet craftspeople from all over County Clare. We will learn about the everyday life of a creative crafts-person, how they create their work, what prompted them to follow their passion, how they manage to be creative and run a business as well as finding out how innovation has changed their business and allowed them to connect with the community at large.

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