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18th Aug 2022
to 19th Aug 2022

Age Range
5-8 and/or 9-12

Birr Library

Wilmer Rd

Creating a Unique Bog Exhibition

This workshop aims to create a fun space filled with creative activities. We’ll create a bog landscape using as much natural materials as possible, together with clay and paints.

Together we’ll create a ‘bog exhibition’ (using clay and paints) where our ‘bog finds’ will be created and also tagged with their own story or short poem (haiku). The bog is a wonderful landscape, filled with the preservation miracle plant, sphagnum moss. This moss is multi-coloured and can heal (sphagnum moss was used as bandages in the First World War. It’s also used for flower arranging). The bog is a place where curlews, red grouse, snipe, frogs, spiders, butterflies, cuckoos and meadow pipits can be seen. The Emperor Moth can be found there. The Great Irish Elk was preserved in bogs (their skeleton can be seen in Dublin’s Natural History Museum).

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