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Creating the voices of Generations gone - Mount Temple, Baylin

8th Apr 2019
to 31st Dec 2019

Age Range
All ages

Mount Temple, Moate

Mount Temple

The project 'Creating the voices of generations gone' is a three year project which aims to reignite and strengthen the value of cultural heritage in the community of Mount Temple/ Baylin.  The project will address the tangible and intangible heritage which is in the memories of the community enable them recall and record these memories for the current and future younger generations.  The project will tell through the metaphor of a time lense the nature and significance of the archaeological monuments, heritage buildings and lived stories, captured through the lense of a video camera for visitors to view online before/when visiting the Mount Temple/ Baylin area.  The project will result in the production of a two or three short 5-7 minute films, that tell the unique stories of the local community.

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