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1st Apr 2023
to 30th Sep 2023

Age Range
All ages

Creation Walk Project : Turas Cosmaí by the Sea. Spanish Point, Co Clare.

FCJ Teach Spioradálta is a beautiful, quiet space that offers amazing views out across the Atlantic and along the west coast of Ireland. As we reflected here on our call to care for our common home, we felt called to create an outdoor prayer and reflection space where visitors could stop and gently explore the New Universe story - or the story of how the whole of creation came to be - from the Big Bang to the present.

Starting in Autumn 2022, a group of artists and pastoral workers planned a Cosmic walk for Spanish Point. Now we have a cut a path through the high grass and fourteen handmade mosaic tiles are planned and in design. These will be hand made and laid in place this summer, with a web resource to listen in with as visitors walk the site.

In the last week of June, we invite 20 guests to join us for a one-day mosaic workshop where will bring these 14 mosaics to life. If you'd like to be involved or to know more, please drop us an email and we will send you details. (  

The main event is the mosaic workshop on Tuesday, June 27th (10am – 5pm). Follow up events over the next 2 weeks as tiles dry out and are laid. Launch on Sat Aug 27th – as part of a weekend workshop on ‘Finding your feet in the new Universe Story’ with Dr Niamh Brennan.

To book your place visit our facebook page or email  

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