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9th Oct 2023
to 27th Oct 2023

Age Range
All ages

Creative art and craft of wattling at Galway City Museum

At the Museum we would like to introduce a hands-on interactive creative art wattling activity for children and young people.

This is the home of a prosperous farmer on the banks of the River Corrib, in what is now Galway City, about 1300 years ago.

It may look simple but its construction is very clever:  it is effectively an immensely strong, giant 'double-walled' basket, with the space between the walls stuffed with insulation and roofed with heather thatch.

In this activity children and young people can use willow to create and build the outer wall of the dwelling by weaving the provided sticks around the stakes surrounding it.  

Once created, participants can 'show-off' their creative art work by pressing a button which lights-up the inside of the dwelling - revealing its contents and fire at its centre.

Additional interpretation outlines the art, craft, creative techniques and materials – consisting of specially grown hazel rods – as well as the furnishings and life of the people inside.

The themes of creativity, sustainability and engineering will be especially attractive to illustrate relevant STEAM subjects.

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