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22nd Jul 2020
to 7th Oct 2020

Age Range
All ages

National Healing & Training Centre

15 Parnell Street

Creative Art for Survivors

The Creative Art for Survivors project aim is to provide a creative space where survivors feel comfortable to express creativity and heal amongst fellow survivors who have experienced similar traumas during childhood in institutions. We offer a safe, warm environment to enjoy art through art classes which enables survivors to build self-esteem in their own artistic abilities and convey imaginative talent which was denied to them as children in institutions.

We aim to build a balance where survivors will create at their own pace through the beginning weeks, choosing their medium with the goal of exhibiting their work at the end of the project. The project aims to offer a way out of isolation, a focus for individuals while attending the weekly art class, promotes expressing creativity with the support of the art teacher and support from fellow survivors. The projects aim is to afford survivors a sense of empowerment to create and to experience a joy in art, promote unexpressed creativity as adults that was not expressed as children.

Each survivor has a story and the project will enable individuals to express their individual story artistically. The project will promote managing stress, benefit healing anxiety in their capabilities, build confidence, create new skills and enable survivors to hopefully feel a sense of achievement in creating a personal work of art to be exhibited in a gallery and open a forum for discussion on survivors ongoing needs in today’s society.

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