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1st Sep 2024
to 11th Oct 2024

Age Range

HSE Garden Centre


Creative Arts for Well Being

The group will be formed in collaboration with the HSE mental health service and art workshops would be run by Lisa who is also a mental health service user with Arts facilitation experience. This could show other service users that recovery is possible and there would be positive benefits of collaboration in creative arts activities. 

The activities with the group would have an impact on wellbeing and self esteem as well as providing an opportunity for engagement with other people who have an understanding for their condition.  Together with the HSE, Lisa aims to facilitate art workshops for 10-12 participants. Workshops would run for 2.5 hours once every week over 6 weeks.  

At the initial stages Lisa will guide the group to develop ideas together for topics, themes and activities that could be carried out. Potential activities could include  printmaking, life drawing, clay sculpture, painting or collage. Everyone is encouraged to share their opinions and interests. Group activities are a collaborative effort and everyone is able to contribute. There would be a focus on enjoying the process of creating something as opposed to the end result. Some activities will be carried out individually while other projects will involve group collaboration. 

As part of the project Lisa will carry out pre and post evaluation with participants using the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale to measure the impact on the participants well-being. 

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