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9th Sep 2023
to 31st Dec 2023

Age Range

Creative Tech Labs @ The Library

The Creative Tech Lab @ The Library is a Lego Engineering and Coding Project which aims to provide an engaging and interactive STEM experience for children and young people, fostering their creativity and providing a platform for self-expression through technology. With a focus on creative outlets, this project combines the fun and versatility of Lego engineering with the power of coding, enabling participants to unleash their imagination and develop essential skills for the digital age.

Through a series of hands-on workshops and collaborative activities, participants will explore the world of robotics, engineering, and programming using Lego Spike sets. Guided by experienced mentors, young minds will be encouraged to brainstorm, design, and build their own robotic creations using Lego blocks and components. They will learn the fundamentals of engineering principles, problem-solving techniques, and logical thinking while bringing their imaginative ideas to life.

Coding will play a pivotal role in the project, as participants delve into the realm of programming their Lego creations. They will be introduced to block-based coding languages, such as Scratch or Python to program their robots and imbue them with functionality and interactivity. From creating motion sequences to incorporating sensors and actuators, participants will gain a solid foundation in coding concepts and develop computational thinking skills.

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